Apostle and Pastor S. Mohoto

Founders and Senior Pastors

Welcome message

What an honor and a privilege to live in exciting times such as these days. We see God’s Word being real and the fulfillment of the scriptures before our own eyes.
Religion has no explanation for what is going on as the Holy Spirit takes over the Church. This proves beyond any shadow of doubt that religion, which is man trying to understand God, cannot bring change in the world, but the Spirit of God, which gives life, can change a man’s heart.

The challenge before us is whether are we led by His Spirit or are we doing things from our own desires, are we in the army of the Lord, or are we fighting each other, are we building His kingdom or are we building our own empires? Seeking God’s face and will through the scriptures and earnest prayer is what the church needs to do. This church was founded not to increase the number of churches around the world, but to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through every means available and make Disciples of Christ. We will work with every church that has the same goals and objectives. We hope you will find this site helpful. Let’s occupy until He comes.

Apostle & Pastor S. Mohoto